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The Business of Barrel Racing

Nov 7, 2021

Maggie Poloncic rides one of the northern Great Plains’ up and coming equine superstars, “Puff,” aka Aint Seen Me Yet. While Puff is undoubtedly great, Maggie herself comes from creative beginnings, has an infectious personality, and has a talent for developing young horses.

Last week we finished up a series of interviews with folks involved in the breeding side of things, and this episode kicks off a few interviews with competitors.

You’re going to hear a brief rundown of Maggie’s horses, she has a neat palomino futurity entry and of course the famous “Puff” is running in the open. Most of this episode though is focused on one of my favorite topics, personal development and the mindset that it takes to achieve your own personal goals and greatness.

As Maggie rides one of the stallion, Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet’s, first and biggest rising stars (and also owns several more), we talk just a little on what Maggie thinks of this bloodline after riding several.

We also touch on Maggie’s start in this industry…We discuss how things that seem like overwhelming hurdles can turn into assets, how to handle negativity, and how Maggie has worked on her own methods for dealing with social media critics.

Maggie has some really great advice on how to learn from those who have found a lot of success in this industry. She takes advantage of the exhibitions at big events by taking the opportunity to watch other competitors and learn from how they work their horses prior to their run.

We also talk about how valuable basic horsemanship skills are and tips for reaching out and making connections.

We left Memphis before the first round of the open and are now laying over for a few days in Ardmore, Oklahoma, so this episode is coming to you a day or two late… Editing while driving on Arkansas roads is not very inefficient!